Nintendo Smartphone


Notches. So hot right now. Thought I would incorporate two notches into this smartphone design, simply for the purpose of adding controls for gameplay. The ‘M’ is a thumbstick similar to what is seen on the 3DS. It could be a d-pad but I’m just being fancy.

Nintendo Smartphone design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Is it in the realm of possibility? Maybe, now that Nintendo makes smartphone apps. Would they want to cut into their own hardware sales, now that is the issue.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Smartphone

  1. The thing I would add would be to incorporate the Samsung Alias type buttons for the ABXY buttons at the bottom, so no matter what Orientation the phone is in, the letters would be in the same position. (For clarification, the Samsung Alias was a flip phone that opened both vertically, and horizontally, and the last rendition had the letters and numbers flip orientation with it. I had one. It was the best phone ever at the time.

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