Nintendo Smartphone


Notches. So hot right now. Thought I would incorporate two notches into this smartphone design, simply for the purpose of adding controls for gameplay. The ‘M’ is a thumbstick similar to what is seen on the 3DS. It could be a d-pad but I’m just being fancy.

Nintendo Smartphone design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Is it in the realm of possibility? Maybe, now that Nintendo makes smartphone apps. Would they want to cut into their own hardware sales, now that is the issue.

Wii U Peripheral For Playing DS and 3DS Games

Wii U Super Game Boy Nintendo davesgeekyideas Dave's Geeky Ideas

Between the television and the gamepad on the Wii U, the dual screen experience is now akin to that of the DS and 3DS, Nintendo’s acclaimed handhelds. So can we expect a peripheral that would allow people to play their DS/3DS carts on the Wii U?