One-Handed Atari Controller


In my opinion the Atari joystick controller is a bit too unwieldy, only because the games you are playing with it are very simple (like Pac-Man or Galaga). A one-handed controller would be ideal for a more relaxed gaming session, or to play and eat Doritos at the same time.

Inspired by the Wii Nunchuk, Dualshock 4 (shoulder buttons), and Neo Geo (analog stick), this controller configuration would be ideal for righties or lefties.

One feature that I’m not sure is technically possible: the silver ring around the analog stick is a touch sensor, much like the iPod clickwheel. This input would emulate the Paddle controller. All Atari games could be tackled by this one controller, which would be so handy. Personally I would adjust sensitivity so that only half the wheel is needed, I wouldn’t want to twirl my thumb around too much.

This would be awesome for the plug-and-play Atari systems that AtGames currently produces. The 6-button Genesis controller for the Blast system is a bit overkill.


The Atari Flashback X is pictured here as well, and it looks great! They went fully mini and retro this year, and I want one. One suggestion for a sixth switch: a toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Notes: Originally I thought this would be perfect for a NES controller, but many games from its library enlist the START or SELECT buttons as a third action button. The orange button depicted is a menu or start button. This design could be made wireless too, but I prefer wired for older games, the less input lag the better.

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