Lightplates Concept


Remember when the Xbox 360 launched and the console featured interchangeable faceplates? It was a neat idea inspired by cellphones of the era, but it didn’t catch on sales-wise and the faceplates were nixed after a few years.

I’m revisiting that idea, based on the current trend of RGB lighting. It seems that people really like illuminated gaming devices! I’m calling these Lightplates, because they are back-lit.


Instead of a huge faceplate that covered the entire face of a console, these would be small accents. Lightplates are small enough to fit in a game case, which makes for a nice bonus when buying a game, and also handy for storing Lightplates that are not in use.

Lightplates PS5 concept faceplates xbox 360 revisited 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas

These would just slide onto the front of the console and be held by friction (in case you want to position the console vertically). No tools or mess.

Lightplates could be adorned with anything. Video games, streaming services, sports teams, gamertags, and so on.

For power savings, I would offer the option to dim the lights after a minute or two of the console being turned on (and to come back on when accessing the main menu). The lights would also pulse and change colors if needed (if the Lightplate has translucent elements).

2 thoughts on “Lightplates Concept

    1. Would be pricier and more difficult to implement. It’s something I thought about often for many designs, but specialty display screens are so VCR-ish (a bit dated). I don’t think PC enthusiasts are using temperature displays for their setups anymore as well. Maybe it’s just me, I honestly don’t know.

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