Katee Sackhoff Promotes A Replica BSG Viper

Katee Sackhoff, the actress who proved everybody wrong with her portrayal of Starbuck in the updated BSG, talks about the show and her time on set in a Viper.

The interview is mostly a backdrop to promoting this replica Viper, which is on sale for $1500. And it doesn’t take long to see why. Check out the video:

WANT. Want so so badly. Oh yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the replica Viper either!

When Katee was recalling how hot she was in the Viper (“I was sooo hot”), all I can say, yes. Yes you are. And then she starts talking about her ass and my brain derails right there. The really scary thing is I don’t think she is wearing an ounce of make-up. Just. Look. At. Her.*

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if actors always talked up the collectibles based on their roles? Imagine Harrison Ford pimping that ginormous Millennium Falcon that came out a few years back. It’s just really cool to see, especially if they were genuinely enthusiastic as Katee was here. It really validates the product when you see the actor in approval like this. Yes she is being paid to endorse this, but seeing her react to all the detail like you or I would upon inspection is just cool to behold.

A couple of things: looks like this thing has functional landing gear too, but they didn’t mention anything – so it might not. Also the guy talking to Katee about the Viper sounds a lot like Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos). EDIT: Holy smokes it is the Admiral himself. This collectible is from his company, Edward James Olmos Productions.

The detachable cockpit window is a tad disappointing. I would I have created an internal rail to attach it to, or use a magnet-based system to keep it locked in place. But at $1500 this is purely for display – not for play – so it’s not a deal-breaker. The remote is a very nice touch.

Alas, too rich for me. But if a company like Diamond Select can issue a BTTF Delorean with lots of bells and whistles for about $50, a comparable BSG Viper could be had for the everyman. EDIT: but if Edward orders you to buy this, start applying for credit cards. So say we all.

*When have I ever objectified a woman on this blog? I am allowed to just this one time!

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