Watch This! Part 5: Watchmen

Geeky Wrist Watch Designs 2011 Dave Delisle

I know what you’re thinking – this one is pretty darn obvious. A watch based on the Watchmen! And you would be correct. Above is a watch based on the Comedian, with a smiley-face flip cover and a bullet belt for a strap.

Just for a fun I also made a translucent Dr. Manhattan version:

Geeky Wrist Watch Designs 2011 Dave Delisle




6 thoughts on “Watch This! Part 5: Watchmen

  1. I think the bulleted Comedian version works best. I always thought they should have done a simple Swatch with the smiley face, and the second hand with a blood drip at the end. It would accurately reflect the logo once a minute!
    Another, middle-range option is the watch as you have it, but with a lenticular face that has both the Doomsday and Bloody Smiley faces instead of the cover.
    I guess I just don’t like covers, they get in the way of quickly checking the time. Plus, I actually have the JP watch you linked to, and I was always afraid that the spring-loaded cover would break.

    1. I like all your suggestions, no reason not to go those routes. I just like to post the basic idea, it’s not finite in any way.

      However the lenticular image would lend itself more to a kid’s watch, as I have seen many done that way.

      I think a more rugged flip cover, maybe even a mechanical push-button one, would survive wear and tear.

  2. I think the comedian doomsday watch with bullet holders around the band is very nice (I’m a huge ‘WATCHMEN’ fan) do you sell them, and how much do you sell them for?

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