Batman Coffee Table

Batman Coffee Table design by davesgeekyideas

Here’s a coffee table design based on the “armory” from The Dark Knight that rises from the floor in the Batcave. In order to function as a coffee table, the armory appears to be only partially raised.

What I like about this design is the hidden geek factor the table has, it just blends into the living room scenery. Also it has plenty of storage functionality, the same purpose as its film counterpart.

Batman Coffee Table design by davesgeekyideas

The armory would also be great as a wardrobe or trophy case (your sports uniform in place of the Batsuit). Personally I prefer it being the centerpiece of the living room, in order to enable delusions of being Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Apologies for the image quality here, no matter what I do the images look burnt and grainy online.

One thought on “Batman Coffee Table

  1. This is an awesome idea. To further the concept, you could also cutout a bat logo in the top of a lamp like the one in your image to project it onto the ceiling (if you don’t mind losing the subtlety and want to go full-Batcave) 🙂

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