Nintendo Classic Mini Carrying Case

Nintendo Classic Mini Carrying Case by Dave Delisle

Carrying cases are trendy again, thanks to the surging popularity of the NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles. Thought I would design a case that features a built-in monitor, a handy feature for gamers who want a compact gaming rig, or a means to game on the go. This case is about the size of a large lunchbox, and was inspired by portable record players.


It transforms from a suitcase into a retro TV, complete with a wheeled cart (the wheels are also functional in suitcase mode). The TV is a USB-powered portable LCD monitor. The flaps on the sides of the case clamp everything down in both suitcase and TV mode.

The transformation adds a great deal of versatility; theoretically you could always use this case, either as an entertainment center or means of transporting the game system.

I felt the pairing of a TV and cart would illicit nostalgia from those who enjoyed seeing one of these wheeled into their school classroom back in the day. The wheels are optional, more storage could be added if they were nixed.


Speaking of storage, this configuration allows for 2 mini systems to sit side-by-side. There is also a drawer for controllers. An LCD display is built into the front flap, a power bank is built into the back flap, allowing for gaming on the go.

Nintendo Classic Mini Carrying Case by Dave Delisle

The systems and controllers don’t need to be fastened down, because they’ll always be sitting flat. They can be accessed by lifting either flap on the case.

It’s a shame that tablets like the iPad or Galaxy can’t be used as dedicated HDMI displays, their 4:3 display ratio would be perfect! Just toss one in a case like this and you’re golden. Alas, a 6″ or 7″ portable monitor would be needed for this design.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Classic Mini Carrying Case

  1. Please direct me to where I can give you money to make this a real thing. I’m sure if you did a kickstarter and got the word out people would go as nuts as I have.

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