Geeky Gadget Wish List #14: Star Wars Surge Protector

Hoth Generator Power Adapter

Just to prove Lucas hasn’t made every possible product out of Star Wars, I give you the Hoth Shield Generator Surge Protector. Yes, the doomed station with 18 seconds of screen time.  But here it looks very much at home guarding your electronics like it did protecting Rebels – albeit with more success against AC/DC currents than AT-AT walkers. Somewhere an electrician is shaking his/her head.

I try to implement geekiness into everyday products.  When I look around my desk, I see potential even in the neglected surge protector. It’s a messy terminal of wires, so why not make it look like an intended mess? Plus the protective purpose of the Hoth Shield Generator would make a knowing geek nod in appreciation. Damn straight.

And yes I skipped thirteen. Not that I am overly superstitious, but would like some ideas to actually happen and become a reality.

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