Games That Should Be Ported To Facebook


I don’t play Facebook games. It’s not that I am a video game snob – I’ll play whatever catches my attention, regardless of platform. But so far there is nothing on the social network that would entice me.

Here are a list of suggestions (in no particular order):

1. EA Sports 16-bit games. Games like NHL and Madden enjoy big budget outings on modern consoles, so why not release these throwback games on Facebook? One thing is key: they have to be online multiplayer. With EA releasing new offerings on Facebook like Tiger Woods Golf, it’s not a long shot. NHL ’94 is a must!

2. SimCity. With games like CityVille cloning the classic SimCity, it’s time for the original and best to debut on Facebook. I imagine SimCity 2000 being able to run in a browser with little effort. (UPDATE: Well this happened but it didn’t last).

3. Final Fantasy I – VI. While this series is constantly being updated and ported to consoles and handhelds, I can see these RPG’s residing nicely at home on Facebook. Would need to be the original 8 or 16-bit versions.

4. You Don’t Know Jack! The trivia game is a blast to play. I think an online multiplayer game  could be had here. To maintain the voice-over production, the questions could reside in Youtube clips. UPDATE: Now on Facebook.

5. Pokemon. If Nintendo ever ventured outside of it’s hardware devices, I could list all of their properties here. But the one that would be a runaway smash would be Pokemon, as the collecting and trading of pocket monsters would reduce the Facebook servers to a crawl.

6. Bomberman. This would be the ultimate online multiplayer game. The old 16-bit versions would run effortlessly in a browser.

7. Railroad Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon. These games predate the Zynga titles, yet have that same kind of management appeal.

8. Advance Wars. Nintendo’s RTS series for the GBA and DS handhelds would be ideal for Facebook. Sort of like Chess on steroids.

9. Animal Crossing. Another Nintendo property that has born for Facebook.

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