Mad Scientist Gear Part 2: Door Handles


Mad Scientist Steampunk Door

Nothing like an entrance to your evil lair that proclaims “Mad Scientist At Work!” to thwart angry mobs or worse – roommates. I’ve devised a basic solution: valve door handles like the ones found on a Submarine hatch.

This handle gives the impression that there is dangerous substances sealed within. This also could be mistaken for a bomb shelter or a panic room. All three impressions would mess with people actually.

The basic doorknob one is functional, the large one affixed to the middle of the door is for decoration. You could even paint the door silver and glue a bunch of bolts to the perimeter to complete the look.

I was very surprised that the valve doorknob handle does not exist – commercially or as a homebrew device. I figured the Steampunk community would have beat me to it by now. You’re asleep at the wheel, Steampunkers! Ha. Wheel.

4 thoughts on “Mad Scientist Gear Part 2: Door Handles

  1. I think one of the reasons they don’t have something like that is safety. imagine your roommates (or burglers) threading a cord or line through the rim of the knob-wheel and securing the other end to some fixture or furniture and thereby locking you in your room, as a joke or something more sinister. The more common ‘teardrop’ or mushroom-style knob is still susceptible to that, but less so.
    Lol, next, they’d invent The Club for your door knob, or a Denver Boot for roommates behind on their rent.

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