The Next Billion-Dollar Brand Label For Women!

Penelope Pussycat

So I have been thinking for months about how to use Pepé Le Pew, a favorite character of mine. I figured he’d make a cool aftershave or cologne bottle, and was about to make something along those lines when I remembered Penelope Pussycat, the hapless cat Pepé would pursue in all of his cartoons. She screams fashion, fragrance, and cosmetics. I think if used in a manner similar to the logo above,  she’d make for one powerhouse brand label for just about any women’s product (the aforementioned fashion, fragrance, and cosmetic types especially). She exudes empowerment. She says I am now in control and I can fend off aggressive French guys if need be. Obviously this brand isn’t for the high-class Lady Gaga fashion guru. This is for the geeky or funny girl who finds the chore of getting dolled-up a bit funny, and can truly appreciate the perils of applying too much paint (resulting in unwanted attention). Plus a girl needs to have seen a Pepé Le Pew cartoon to fully appreciate the joke. This brand telegraphs confidence, and can be interpreted as very effective for the product it is placed upon. Put on this perfume or blouse or what-have-you and watch the men come a runnin’. Sure there is no guarantee of product X working – this brand is merely a visual reminder that confidence is something you give yourself. The brand can have whatever name, like Le Méw or Evadé or Appliqué. As long as a smug-looking Penelope is depicted in the act of painting herself (clearly up to no good) as the logo, you’re making a huge impression. I don’t think I’ve seen a women’s brand showing this kind of behavior (but then I don’t really scour for them – honest). You just have to ask Warner Bros. to use her likeness! Or does Time Warner have a line in fashion/cosmetics/fragrances? Ah well. UPDATE: Made alternative logo, changed the name to ‘Le Mew’ for fun: Penelope Pussycat

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