Pinky And The Brain Flag Wallpaper

Pinky and The Brain Wallpaper

Here are some wallpapers depicting the official flag of Brain from Pinky and the Brain. At least, that’s what I remember it looking like from memory – can’t find any online reference. If anyone has a screen capture of this flag, please send it to me.

If I recall correctly, this is a flag Brain had used in one of his many schemes for world domination. And if I am wrong, it probably would’ve looked like this anyways. Just a name and portrait, the mark of a narcissist. All hail Brain.

Didn’t set out to do wallpapers, this was for a desktop flag idea. I will post that eventually.

EDIT: updated the images so they aren’t as noisy as the top image

In the meantime one giant widescreen 2560×1600 image, a large 1600×1200 standard-def image, and an iPhone 960×640 image. Click to enlarge:

I really need to grab the DVDs of this show pronto. It featured, among other things, my all-time favorite sound effect: whenever Pinky or Brain got hit (or belted each other), the sound effect was like two phone books being slammed together (or one being slammed closed). Hilarious Foley work.

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