Zelda Lamp And Clock Combo

Majoras Mask Clock Moon Tower 2011

While Ocarina of Time is a celebrated benchmark in gaming, it had a direct sequel that doesn’t get nearly as much attention – Majora’s Mask. Despite the lack of hype, this game did have a lot of memorable imagery, such as that creepy moon that was in the sky, constantly inbound to destroy the planet.

So I thought this menacing backdrop for Majora’s Mask would make for a cool lamp, accompanied by the central Clock Tower as, well, a clock.

The moon lamp would change colors, and the clock would feature all the bell sounds heard in game. Like everything I post, this is just the basic idea. The base could feature a larger section of the town, and perhaps a few figures from the game as well.

Admittedly, the moon is too creepy for many. I do think many Zelda fans can appreciate how this encapsulates the classic game, recreating a pivotal/iconic moment. I’d want one on my desk!

If you like this check out the Ocarina Watch.

2 thoughts on “Zelda Lamp And Clock Combo

  1. Dude…please do the following: 1) Make some phone calls and figure out exactly what it would take (time & money wise) to make this happen. 2) Create a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. 3) Allow the fanatical Zelda community to market the crap out of this via social media. 4) Collect many rupees and make Zelda fans across the country (globe) giddy with joy.

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