Geek Bling Part 6: BlueTooth Ring

Geek Bling 2012 Jewelry BlueTooth

Update: I accidentally deleted the image, will have to remake this one day. Original post as follows.

Find all the Geek Bling designs here.

This is Bluetooth-enabled ring that would control some basic functions for your MP3 player, portable gaming device, or mobile phone. The main feature is a volume control dial that would encircles the ring itself. A bunch of tactile inputs are placed on the ring face.

Originally I had a plain ring design with a bunch of sliders for all the functions, but that would be tough to use! Also its shape wasn’t friendly to storing the electronic guts. The design above was inspired by a sports championship ring. The large box shape can store the Bluetooth innards, as well as an adequate rechargeable power source (I doubt this would be a power-hungry gadget).

You could easily use your thumb to adjust the volume. Your other hand would hit all the buttons, but you could easily have the ring facing the palm side of your hand, allowing your thumb to hit all the buttons as well.

I made this design somewhat fancy-looking. I personally would prefer a plain matte black one. A few other features could be added, like a flip-cover for the buttons or a kinetic-based power source too.

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