About That WWF Wrestling Bed

WWF wrestling bed 2012 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

A little over a year ago I was doing a series for geeky beds, and one design was a WWF-styled wrestling ring bed. It’s one of my most popular posts and I am emailed frequently by those looking for one. I do not make or sell beds, I’m just a designer. However there are ways to acquire such a bed.

Earlier this year a company in Bahrain actually made a custom bed for a lucky customer:

Custom WWF WWE Wrestling Ring Bed

So if you’re in that neck of the woods, you can ask them to make you one as well. You can find their website here. (UPDATE: Sorry it looks like that company is closed now.)

However you can enlist just about any custom furniture business to craft one for you. The bed would entail: a custom frame, specially-made buckles and ropes, and a custom bed cover. The frame would need some large decals for decoration. It won’t be cheap, I assure you.

Using “off-the-shelf” parts from an actual boxing or wrestling ring is not an option. Those are pretty heavy-duty and too large for your bed frame (even a King size bed). If you want to modify actual parts you can find them here.

For the finished bed seen above it appears to me the turn buckles are pillow-like enclosures wrapped around the ropes. The ropes themselves appear to be similar to “velvet ropes” which are easy to acquire.

Instead of building a whole bed from scratch, you could probably add to an existing bed by building a frame for the ropes to latch onto. All the corner posts would need to be connected to ensure some sort of stability.

And lastly if you do make one, THESE AREN’T SAFE FOR WRESTLING!!! They are just for show. It would be fun to jump into and out of, but that’s it. No “going off the top rope” or trying to execute crazy wrestler moves. I would also design the ropes to easily detach to prevent kids from getting all tangled up. I like how the completed design above has one side without any ropes, great for accessibility.

Hopefully that answers some questions. I know many would prefer a ready-made product they can purchase and assemble themselves, but for now there is no such thing.

UPDATE: You can actually buy an MMA-themed bed here (also just for kids).

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