RCKY T-Shirt Solicitation

RCKY T-Shirt

UPDATE: My first foray into crowdfunding has ended, and the Teespring campaign to offer these t-shirts did not reach its goal. I’m bummed because people tell me all the time to Kickstart this or Indiegogo that! Oh well, them’s the brakes. Obviously I won’t be attempting to crowdfund apparel items again, mostly because there’s so many outlets for that kind of merch online.

Recently I did the art for this Dinobots tee for 80’s Tees (the hilarious idea was theirs), so do check that out.


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  1. Aah! I didn’t even see this until now! Totally would’ve bought one! Been hoping the Jersey version becomes a reality, but didn’t see this mentioned anywhere!

  2. Didn’t see it until now either. Just clicked on it – It’s saying it needs 40 people to relaunch. If you get 40 signed up will you relaunch? If so, I’ll enter my email there.

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