500 Posts And A Few Surprises

Super Mario Bros Fireworks GIF by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

A bit of a personal milestone as this post is my 500th for this blog! That’s at least 500 ideas foisted onto the world (and I do mean foisted). This blog started in 2010, and yes there have been ups and downs along the way but I hope to keep doing this for the foreseeable future.

Several designs have become real, though only hockey jerseys and the Thor Hammer Tool Kit had my involvement. Speaking of the tool kit, there will be TWO new product launches in the next few months, exciting times.

As a small thank-you to my visitors, here are some NEW designs I’ve buried over the past year. Designs I thought were fun but didn’t warrant a lot of hoopla. Here you go:

Nintendo Smartphone

Capcom Arcade Fighting Stick

WALL-E USB Wall Adapter

ColecoVision Door Handle And Keypad

Toys R Us Toy Chest

Pokemon Lamp

Jurassic Park Umbrella

Donkey Kong Dental Floss Dispenser

Nintendo Game & Watch….Watch

Hungry Hungry Hippos Clock

USB Hub (I could make so many pun designs, be warned)

Breaking Bad Hot Plate

Transformers Energon Cube USB Wall Adapter

Q*Bert Roomba

Insert Coin Piggy Bank

Portal USB Wall Adapter

Clone Console PC Drive

Pokemon Karaoke Machine


Some Updated Designs:

Sandbox Desk

Star Trek Lamp

View Askew Blu-Ray Box

Nintendo USB Wall Adapter

Daily Planet Bookshelf

Back to the Future Ceiling Lamp

TRON puck

Radioactive Canister Soap Dispenser

Home Dock For Car Stereos

Star Wars TV

iPod Design

And that about covers it, hope you enjoy at least one of those posts. I shall keep plugging away on more content soon! Please like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for notifications.

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