Geeky Fashion Part 2: Game Of Thrones Belt

Game Of Thrones Leather Belt Design

This is a leather belt which features the ‘ring’ pattern design seen in the opening titles of Game Of Thrones. The ring features many sigils, numerous dragons, landscapes, and the name of the show itself. These rings encircle the sun (see video after the jump).

I couldn’t make an exact duplicate of what is seen in the show, so I threw together this loose representation. Hopefully you get the idea! I always feel like Doc Brown when I write that (I’m sorry this is not to scale).

As I stated in the first fashion post, I strive to keep things simple. I made this design very detailed and ornate in appearance, so you can make out the details. In real life, I imagine this item would look very subtle, perhaps even eliminating the Game Of Thrones text.

A few other possible details like a fancy belt buckle or embroidered/colorized details could be added. But I prefer a more ‘stealth’ approach for this geeky fashion series. You should only be able  to make out the geeky aspect upon close inspection.

2 thoughts on “Geeky Fashion Part 2: Game Of Thrones Belt

  1. how did you make this? I am a leathersmith and I am interested in making one of these. what process did you use? is this a die or some other method.

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