Thinkgeek Remix Part 2: Air Swimmers R/C Flying Fish

Thinkgeek Remix

I really dig these radio-controlled flying fish from Thinkgeek. Not only do these helium balloons look convincing at a glance, but their swimming movement also looks realistic. Check out the video: 

If it were up to me, I’d swap out the fish with the flying balloon-like Boo from the Super Mario games. It too moves slowly and not all that gracefully. I’m hoping that the tail and wing-like arms can help propel it like the flying fish. The tongue could also be used as a rudder perhaps. If it’s possible, a voice chip could be added for his “laugh” sounds.

But why stop there? There are plenty of other geeky things known for flying that could be used:

Thinkgeek Remix

1. A flying droid briefly seen in the Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition onwards). I chose it because it has a rudder and wings. 2. Metroid. Would make for a beautiful balloon. 3. Lakitu, an enemy-turned-friend, also from the Super Mario games. 4. A City Scanner robot from Half Life 2. Looks like a product of Aperture labs. 5. Laserbeak! Okay, probably wouldn’t work as a balloon. 6. Probe Droid from Empire Strikes Back. 7. Torture Ball droid from A New Hope. And you thought your dad was harsh. 8. Orko from He-Man. I’d enlist his large elf-like ears to be the wings, and his hat tip for the rudder. He’d be life-size, I believe.

Anything you’d like to see as a flying toy?

7 thoughts on “Thinkgeek Remix Part 2: Air Swimmers R/C Flying Fish

  1. I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t already done a hovering probe droid, based on the mini-helicopter trend they took advantage of for the Millennium Falcon. Perhaps the lower-body mass is too much to lift with a small electric motor?

    I’d like to see an air squid, or fantastical blimp – maybe a functioning Turtle Blimp?

  2. A Boo, Metroid, or Orko one would work. I think these helium balloons have to be on the larger side like the fish ones to work.

  3. I want a flying Boo. Even if i have to make my own with a white balloon!

    If one like this is made, I hope it isn’t as gigantic as the flying shark and goldfish. The size of a basketball would be perfect.

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