Thinkgeek Remix Part 4: LED Jellyfish Mood Light

Metroid Fish Tank Cannister by Dave Delisle

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

This series is meant to be my take on existing Thinkgeek products, but these are turning out to be completely Nintendo inspired. What can I say? Got Nintendo on the brain.

This cool Jellyfish Mood Light from Thinkgeek would serve as the basis for a Metroid container, much like the seen at the beginning of the SNES classic Super Metroid. I would just up the number of Metroids to three from one.

If the Metroids could retain the jelly-like property of the Thinkgeek product, they’d look lifelike. They’d appear to be flying in space, though somewhat drunkenly.

Note: picture not meant to be a size comparison, the Metroid tank would ideally be about the same height as the jellyfish tanks.

If you like this, check out this Metroid diorama, and smartphone design.

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