Door Peephole Mask Idea

R2D2 PeepHole Cover Door

Are you an extroverted geek who is looking for a way to announce to your apartment neighbors CAUTION a GEEK lives here! Well look no further than this DIY idea, where you dress-up the peephole on your front door with a robot. You are essentially turning the peephole into an eye for the robot.

As you can see it works pretty well with R2-D2 here. You could also enlist WALL-E, the NES ROB, an Xbox 360 Kinect, a Portal Turret, Johnny-5, and on and on. Ideally a robot, but you could enlist a monocled human or something of that nature – whatever allows for the peephole to blend in to the image.

If you’d like the R2-D2 template shown above, please read on.

I made this so R2’s eye piece is aimed right at the viewer. You just need to print, cut-out both parts of R2’s body, and then punch out the eye and affix to the door. It stands 9″ wide x 14.5″ tall, and the eye is about 1 and 3/8″ wide, so you’ll need to re-size if you want it smaller. Recommend photo glossy or card paper.

Click to enlarge, then save to your computer. I had to split R2-D2 between two 8.5″ x 11″ images to fit your printer. You want to cut out the baby blue as best you can.

r2-d2 door mask star wars dave delisle
Click To Enlarge
r2-d2 door mask star wars dave delisle
Click To Enlarge

6 thoughts on “Door Peephole Mask Idea

  1. Eye immediately thought of the Borg.
    and while writing this, I was reminded of Arnold as the terminator.
    Maybe tile the door with wallpaper that looks like it has shelves.
    and on the shelves would be heads in jars (like in futurama)
    but all these heads have funky eyes going for them.
    borg, steampunk, terminators, etc…

    and each one is a peep hole?

    1. All very good ideas! I like the Futurama shelves, would be time-intensive to make, but worth it.

      You could probably do fake peepholes for multiple characters. Not sure what you could use though.

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