Product Remix: Bender Mini Cooler

Bender Futurama Fridge

I saw this mini cooler and I thought, neat – it’s shaped like a Coke can. Its cylinder shape and door however reminded me of Futurama’s Bender. The foul-mouthed robot uses that compartment for millions of different things, but mostly beer.

While not the perfect shape, this Coke cooler is about 90% ideal for Bender’s torso. The drawbacks being that the door opens the opposite way, and the top of the can has that lip shape (might be able to remove it though).

This would make for a great DIY project. Paint the cooler and affix robot limbs and head. I wouldn’t know where to begin to build Bender’s parts, but the legs would need to support a level platform for the cooler to sit on. Bender would stand roughly 3-feet tall, which is not life-size, but not small either.

If this were to become an actual product, it would likely be purposed for sodie-pop (as Bender would say), as a show like Futurama would not likely align itself with booze. At least, I think so. People would put beer in it regardless.

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