Wolverines T-Shirt Now Available

Wolverines T-Shirt 2013 Dave Delisle 80's Tees

My third T-shirt design for 80’s Tees is now available! It is for the Calumet Wolverines from the film Red Dawn (the 1984 original). Previously I made the design for a hockey jersey on my other site.

It is based on the Letterman jackets the guys wore in the film. And yes, I am holding out hope 80’s Tees makes some Letterman jackets. As far as I can tell, these kind of jackets aren’t really prevalent here in Canada, but for Red Dawn heck yeah I’d love a replica.

My previous designs for 80’s Tees were for Voltron and Direwolves T-shirts.


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  1. Probably true that the actual letterman jackets aren’t really a thing here in Canada (or at least my area of Canada). The melton (wool body with leather sleeves) style jacket still exists though. I remember the melton jacket with chenille patches was somewhat popular decades ago for hockey teams, some high school jackets, etc. Seems to be more of a lighter jacket used by many sports teams now days or a 3 in one jacket with embroidery. Most of the melton jackets I see around these days are ones that have industrial companies’ logos on them.

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