Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Case

Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Case Design by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Pacific Rim is my most anticipated movie of the year. It will hit theaters in July, with the Blu-Ray release sometime in October or November. That said it’s not too early to offer up what I would like to see for a Blu-Ray case: a design based on the giant transport crawler seen in the trailer.

My intent with this design is not to offer a case-and-action-figure combo. It is create a standalone Blu-Ray case that doubles as a stand for a Pacific Rim NECA figure, which would be sold separately. The Gipsy Danger robot you see above is an approximation of NECA’s 7″ figure that is currently available. Not only do you get a cheaper Blu-Ray case, you’d get to adorn it with your giant robot of choice.

Gipsy Danger NECA Blu-Ray Pacific Rim DVD Case Special Edition 2013 Design Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

The platform has a tray which slides out like a drawer. The tray rests on some wheels which allows it to glide smoothly when opening and closing. All the tank treads are molded plastic, and would have small wheels embedded within; though I’d only like the treads under the tray to have wheels, making this case stationary.

If additional discs (or booklets) are needed this design can be altered to include additional trays, or the existing tray could have a folding flap on top that can hold a few additional discs.

This is the smallest case design I have posted yet. It is rough 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″. That’s roughly four CD cases stacked together.

My favorite thing about this design: the case is really just a display stand, so even after packaged media goes extinct, it would still be useful.

It would be great if NECA and Warner Brothers could enlist some synergy to release something like this (or perhaps a full-fledged case-and-figure combo even). You seldom see that kind collaboration for Blu-Ray releases, in fact I can only think of McFarlane Toys releasing Walking Dead Blu-Ray sets.

Be sure to check out my Gipsy Danger hockey jersey design on my other site.

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