Create Your Own Pacific Rim Robot And Poster!

Pacific Rim Canadian Jaeger

Just want to talk about this neat app that lets you build your own Jaeger that you can feature in a Pacific Rim poster! You can try it here (requires Unity 3D extension). Basically it works like a custom character feature you’d find in a video game: build the robot, edit the colors, name it and add country flag, then pose it in a poster which you can download or share.

I’m gushing about this app because I was disappointed a Canadian Jaeger wasn’t introduced when they unveiled a roster of International robots a few months back (Australia, Japan, China, Russia, and the USA were represented). I was really tempted to make my own Canadian robot and poster, but thankfully I no longer have to!

Sadly Canada wasn’t a country option, so I had to Photoshop it in*. Weird because we do border the Pacific Rim. Did we get destroyed because of our evil socialist ways? Hmmm. EDIT: looks like they’ve added a whole bunch of countries since I first posted this, Canada as well.

If you like this please check out the Blu-Ray case design I made for the upcoming film.

*If you have to add your own country, paste in your flag and use ‘Agency FB’ font to type the name of the country. You’ll have to slightly widen the font to match the poster template.

UPDATE: Here is another app, a cool wallpaper generator. It can create Pacific Rim wallpapers for your desktop or your Twitter/Facebook page, to name a few. Worth checking out!

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