The LEGO Soda Cans

Cola Lego Can Soda Pop Pepsi Coke six-pack

The first of a few beverage-related ideas (other promised projects are still on the way!), this is the ‘Lego soda can’ (or pop can we call it Canada).

Quite simply this removes the plastic rings needed to hold a six/eight-pack of cans together, and in place there is an interlocking design which allows the cans to snap together. I’m sure ducks would approve.

Dr. Pepper Mountain Dew Crush Root Beer

As you can see there would be a ‘slope’ for the opening to help direct the drinker away from the tabs.

Also (not pictured), a six-pack could snap into another six-pack below, eliminating the need for a cardboard box.Probably won’t hold together all that well, admittedly.

No plastic rings needed! Ducks approve!

I only made one type of can here, a ‘jigsaw’ piece with 2 plugs and 2 ports. In reality, there would be a few different types of cans to help avoid extraneous plugs in the perimeter of the six-pack.

The plugs are held in place by an overlapping seal that can bend away with enough force to remove the can.

My design look was influenced by Harc Lee’s ingenious idea of making soda cans with no paint or dye:

Except I decided to preserve some color for display. However Harc’s design looks so amazing – it should be the industry standard. Check out his site here.

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