Zombie Morgue Bed


Morgue Zombie Bed

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture is a series of concepts, they do not exist.Let’s be honest, many of us look like reanimated corpses when we wake up in the morning. That universal trait is probably what inspired the creation of Zombies in the first place.

And now you can have a bed frame that will compliment your horrendous morning state – a morgue slab. All you need to complete the look is to cover your bedroom walls with white tiles and install a few flickering fluorescent light tubes.

Apologies for going all dark and macabre for this one. Death is a squirmy topic for many. However Zombies have become a huge geek staple this past decade (perhaps to the point of over-saturation), so their inclusion here on my blog was unavoidable.

But what is avoidable are Google image searches for ‘Morgue’. That poop is messed. I just wanted some reference, not a gruesome George Romero slide show.

Speaking of Romero I am convinced that he, and probably Stephen King, have a bed like this. That’s how they roll.

This frame features a few cabinets to store some junk. The front feet are placed in a more centralized location to give the appearance the slab is floating. The mattress does not retract. Though I could probably design a Murphy Bed that has the facade of a morgue storage container – maybe another time.

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