Insert Coin Game Console

Insert Coin Video Game System 2011 Dave Delisle

This is a fun concept: a video game console in the shape of a giant “Insert Coin” slot, much like what you’d find on an arcade cabinet. The coin slot operates as the disc slot.


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  1. Hey Dave!
    Yet another fantastic idea! And I thought the Xbox 360 Power button was proportionately large! lol

    I was hoping that you would be able to contribute an idea to my blog as I know you have a brilliant mind full of exciting visions…
    My blog is basically a gathering and sharing of Wii U controller utilization concepts, take a look and let me know if you’d be interested, I’d also be quite happy to add you to my links column.



  2. If Only I had the time I needed to get something like this done. All that’s needed are 30-hours days and 10-day weeks.

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